April 4th, 2009


Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen will face off once again… in Yip Man 2!

После выхода Yip Man (Grandmaster Yip Man/The Legend of Yip Man) ожидается выход сиквела!
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The sequel takes place in 1949 after Yip Man arrives in Hong Kong and begins to teach Wing Chun.
Sammo Hung plays a Hung Gar master. Hung Gar is a southern Chinese martial art whose most famous practitioner was Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung. Another famous practitioner of this martial art is another Hk martial arts film legend Lau Kar-leung.
Sammo Hung will again be going toe to toe - or rather, finger to finger as the case might be - with Donnie Yen since SPL (Sha Po Lang).
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Sammo Hung says, "As boss didn't pay me in the first, I wouldn't appear in front of the screen. This time I'm getting paid, so I'll be playing a role too."
In Hong Kong, Wing Chun, as taught by Yip Man, is being viewed as a kungfu meant only for girls, while Sammo Hung's Hung Gar is being seen as a macho form of boxing, resulting in exchanges, conflicts and rivalry between the two, with major clash between the two screen titans being main highlight of the sequel.